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N is for Nicola

April 18, 2014

N is for Nicola mercedes leon illustration people portrait

Nicola Semple is a creative writer and editor.

A is for Alys

March 6, 2014

a is for alys merchesico illustration

T is for Tracy

February 21, 2014

Tracy Roe Best of British custom portrait print mercedes leon illustration
She is Tracy, Tracy Roe. A lovely person and a very talented writer is reborn as freelance. I had the pleasure to work with her for a few months, and this is my little gift for the good times and the things I learnt from her.

I love you because…

February 14, 2014

I LOVE YOU because tickbox list merchesico valentines

Emergency Valentine’s bookmark. Print, spray perfume and tick all that apply.

New wallpapers

February 13, 2014

london bus vintage wallpaper pattern mercedes leon illustration

London Bus, wallpaper

bcn taxi vintage wrap pattern mercedes leon illustration

NYC taxi, wallpaper


February 10, 2014

matador merchesico mercedes leon little print

Vintage Shop

February 1, 2014

Things I've seen on a vintage shop london drawings mercedes leon


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